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The Mother of Invention: Maya Ashkenazi Otmazgin's Breastfeeding Insight which Led to the Birth of two BioTech Startups

Episode Summary

Her scientific career apparently began when she was in kindergarten, concocting mysterious potions, but it wasn’t till years later that her entrepreneurial idea suddenly gave her a lightbulb moment. Maya Ashkenazi Otmazgin was nursing her 8 month old first born daughter in the pediatric ward of a hospital due to a severe infection from which the girl suffered, when it dawned on Maya that the ability to analyze a mother's breast milk components in real time holds the keys to the specific nutritional needs of her baby. This was the start of an entrepreneurial journey that has already resulted in her founding of two startups: MaoLac which manufactures evidence based immune-boosting colostrum derived proteins to include in foods and MaoFoodTech which has created a prototype for a home device for nursing moms to analyze their breastmilk, so they can adjust their diets in accordance with their baby's nutritional needs. What makes biotech startups so much more complicated than other types of early stage high tech companies? What role did Maya's undergrad in pharmaceutical engineering at Azrieli College of Engineering in Jerusalem and her participation in the the AtoBe accelerator play in how her career has developed in recent years? (And why did she tell her staff that an entrepreneur is like a chameleon?) Let's hear from Maya Ashkenazi Otmazgin. This episode – in Hebrew.

Episode Notes


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